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Early 2015 update!

On the lighter side...

I’ve given up smoking and despite feeling less smelly and slightly richer, the only real benefit I’ve felt so far is being able to enjoy the full range of smells when travelling on the Underground – great! But there is another benefit, as I am now able to sell one some of the vintage smoking paraphernalia that I built up, including my nice silver-plated 1940s Dunhill lighter. ...

Antique Drinking Glasses

The production of fine drinking glasses in Britain dates back to the late seventeenth century, when George Ravenscroft perfected his formula for making lead glass. Known as ‘flint glass’ at the time, lead crystal had more clarity and weight than either potash or soda glass and was easier to work.

Early Poole Pottery

Visit one of the smarter high street department stores and you might find a tempting array of brightly colored modern Poole pottery on sale. Still in production today, the Dorset ceramic company has a long and successful history and for me, some of its most appealing pieces date from the 1920s and 30s. Prices for Poole pottery have risen considerably in the last few years and it is these early examples that are ...

Marbles : The Joy of Finding Them

Marbles! No, before you ask, I haven’t lost mine. I hope you would trust me to let you know about developing collecting areas - well, this really is one! Most of us probably ‘collected’ them at some time in our lives, probably as small children using pocket money. Now marbles are serious collectibles amongst an ever-growing community of collectors and often fetch much more than pocket money! ...

Shipwreck Cargoes

For hundreds of years before the advent of steam and diesel, huge sailing ships plied the world’s oceans, braving treacherous seas and travelling vast distances in the pursuit of wealth and glory for their crews and owners. Reward does not, however, come without risk, and many of them perished. The ‘Diana’, sunk in 1817 off Malaysia; the Chinese junk ‘Tek Sing’ that struck rocks en route to Jakarta in ...

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