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Care & Repair

From removing watermarks and repairing scratches on furniture, to cleaning jewellery and textiles, to storing and displaying your collection, our unique online guide is the place to start.

limestoneCleaning Limestone & Sandstone

Position the piece outdoors near a drain or gutter, and set up a hose to spray water over it gently for four or five hours to loosen the dirt. Scrub it with a stiff-bristled brush...

marbleCleaning Marble

Dust marble with a soft-bristled brush, then wash with warm, soapy water and a cloth. If this doesn’t work, add up to half a cupful of ammonia to every 4.5 litres of water needed to remove all the dirt. Rinse afterwards with clean water, and towel dry. If neither method work...

C&RmetalfittingsCleaning Metal Fittings on Furniture

Many pieces of furniture have metal fittings, such as hinges, locks, finger plates, pulls and corner brackets. These are made from a range of metals and alloys, but brass, copper and iron are the most common. Clean...

metalwareCleaning Metalware (general)

Most metalware is subject to various forms of tarnishing and discoloration caused by general use and atmospheric pollution. To protect metal pieces from these problems...

mirrorCleaning Mirrors

Even if the silver backing of an antique mirror has badly deteriorated, you should never attempt to repair it, for any such restoration will always substantially devalue the piece. Three traditional methods are used to clean the fronts of mirrors, and all are effective. Whichever one you choose, make sure that you don’t allow any moisture...

Netsuke ThumbCleaning Netsuke

Items described as netsuke are made of wood, ivory, horn or stone. You should restrict their cleaning to dusting with a soft brush and buffing with a chamois leather. If the sheen has dulled, wipe on a little...