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FAFR Sauer (Dr. H.), Witwatersrand ...

FAFR Sauer (Dr. H.), Witwatersrand Gold Fields detailed map with geological data of the eastern end of the Witwatersrand syncline, showing the relative positions of the main reef series of the central rand, the Blue Sky reef, the Van Ryn reef series, and the Nigel reef, and their accompanying beds, includes two inset diagrammatic sections of the mine, originally a supplement to The Financier and Bullionist, coloured lithograph, 16 sheets, joined, Linen Backed, surface dirt, handling creases, slight surface loss at far right of central join, J. M. Baxter & Co., November 11th, 1918. 45in (114cm)

Guide Price: £250 to £350 (Bloomsbury Auctions)
Date of valuation: 2010

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