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Our jargon-busting Dictionary helps you to understand specialist antiques and collectables terms. Also included are the histories of factories, designers, and style movements across the centuries.

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Millers Adams, George W.

London plateworker. Registered mark in 1840.

Robert  Adams Adams, Robert (1809-80)

An English firearms designer, famous for his revolver design. Robert Adams, 1809–70. In 1851, in partnership as Deane, Adams and Deane, he obtained a British patent for a solid frame, self-cocking percussion revolver, which was shown ...

William  Adams Adams, William

The name of several notable potters, all related, in the Staffordshire area during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1769, the first recorded William established Adams & Co. in Greengates, Tunstall, making earthenware, basalt ware, ...

Adler glass Adler glass

A German glass beaker or humpen, decorated in enamels, used to drink toasts. Typically of tall, cylindrical form, with a projecting foot and sometimes with a cover, Adler glasses were decorated in enamels, depicting a double­headed ...

Adze Adze

A tool similar to the axe, but with its blade set at right angle to its shaft.

Millers Aedicule

A shrine containing a religious or cult statue, within a temple, framed by two columns which support a pediment and entablature, creating a canopied housing. From the Latin aedicula, meaning small house or temple. The term also applies to ...