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Our jargon-busting Dictionary helps you to understand specialist antiques and collectables terms. Also included are the histories of factories, designers, and style movements across the centuries.

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Zsolnay Zsolnay

A ceramics factory established by Vilmos Zsolnay in PĂ©cs, Hungary c.1865. It produced ornate ceramics inspired by Islamic pierced wares until the 1890s. The chemist Vincse Wartha became artistic director in 1893. Zsolnay ...

Zuni Zuni

A North American tribe, one of the Pueblo peoples. They are known for their high quality silversmithing and smooth pottery. Zuni potters have traditionally been women, but now more men are adopting the art form.

Zürich pottery and porcelain factory Zurich pottery and porcelain factory

Started as a joint stock company in Schonen on Lake Zurich in 1763. It was directed by Adam Spengler (d.1790), who had worked at Höchst. Early wares were faience and soft-paste porcelain. From c.1765 it made hard-paste tablewares. These ...

Zwischengoldglas (German: “gold between glass”) Zwischengoldglas (German: 'gold between glass')

A type of decorative glass. Gold leaf was applied to the outside of a glass, engraved with a design and then covered with a close-fitting glass outer-sleeve, which was sealed at the top and bottom: sandwiching the gold between two layers of glass...