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Our jargon-busting Dictionary helps you to understand specialist antiques and collectables terms. Also included are the histories of factories, designers, and style movements across the centuries.

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S-scroll S-scroll

A decorative scroll carved or applied in the shape of a continuous or broken S. It was often used as an apron or corner ornament in Baroque and Rococo style pieces. See also C-scroll and volute.

Millers S. J. Phillips

Well-known retail business of silversmiths and jewellers, founded in 1869 by Solomon Joel. Firm continued by son, Edmund A. Phillips. Mark registered in 1901.

S.F.B.J. (Socit Franise de Fabrication de Bbs et Jouets) S.F.B.J. (Société Françise de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets)

A syndicate founded in 1899 by French dollmakers, in an attempt to compete with the German doll industry. 60 and 301 are S.F.B.J.’s most common mould numbers. The most sought after products are from the 200 series of character dolls. ...

Millers S.y.p. teapot

A novelty teapot made by Wedgwood from 1895, in the form of a small pot on three peg feet, decorated with blue printed floral decoration. S.y.p. stands for “Simple yet Perfect”. Tea leaves were held separately from the liquid. ...

Womb chair Saarinen, Eero (1910-61)

A Finnish-born architect and designer. In 1923 Saarinen moved to the USA with his parents: the architect Eliel Saarinen (1873–1951), and sculptor and textile designer, Loja Saarinen (1879–1968). Eero Saarinen took a Humanist ...

Marius-Ernest (18781961)  Sabino Sabino, Marius-Ernest (1878-1961)

An Italian-born French glass-maker, who is now best known for his Art Deco style sculptures and vases. He first trained as a wood-carver. After World War One, he established a company to make light fitments and began to work increasingly ...