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Our jargon-busting Dictionary helps you to understand specialist antiques and collectables terms. Also included are the histories of factories, designers, and style movements across the centuries.

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Millers Tabako-ire

A Japanese term describing a tobacco pouch or box, usually suspended from a cord with a netsuke counterweight. Examples from the 19th century, in metal or lacquerwork, may be highly ornate.

Millers Tabernacle clock

A type of early clock, with a square brass case enclosing a movement made entirely of steel. They were produced principally in Germany from the late 16th to the late 17th century. Larger versions, often in elaborate Gothic architectural ...

Millers Tabernacle mirror

An American giltwood mirror form of portrait shape, often with engaged half-columns. The glass was divided into a large lower looking glass and an upper section resembling an entablature, with a moulded cornice, in earlier examples with ...

Table Table

A furniture form made in two basic styles from early times: either with a central support, or with supports at either end. The single, large, communal dining table originated among the barbarians of northern Europe and continued in the ...

Table ambulante Table ambulante

A French term describing any small, portable table. From the mid-18th century, these fulfilled the needs of domestic life, such as for books or cups of tea.

Table centre Table centre

An elaborate silver, porcelain or glass centrepiece for a dining table, often fitted with candle sockets and cruet bottles. Known as an ‘Épergne’ in French, they were popular in the 19th century. ...