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Our jargon-busting Dictionary helps you to understand specialist antiques and collectables terms. Also included are the histories of factories, designers, and style movements across the centuries.

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Yangshao culture Yangshao culture

The Neolithic culture in China c.5000–c.1500 BC. The Yangshao people notably created coiled bulbous earthenware in red, black and white, possibly intended as gifts for the dead. These vessels were decorated with purple or black ...

Millers Yapp, John & Woodward, John

British silversmiths. Registered mark as plateworkers in 1846. They had a manufactory at 13 Bread Street, Birmingham.

Yei Yei

A Native America Navajo spirit figure, often incorporated as a motif on rugs.

Yellow Metal Yellow Metal

A term sometimes used for unmarked gold; unmarked alloys including unknown levels of gold; or gold without British hallmarks.

Yew Yew

A hard, close-grained wood of reddish-brown colour. It was used from an early period for small work and treen, and later for the backs of Windsor chairs.

Yingqing (Qingbai) Yingqing (Qingbai)

An early Chinese porcelain, made in the Jingdezhen area. It was introduced in the Tang dynasty and was made throughout the Song dynasty. Yingqing literally means “shadowy blue”, which is derived from the bluish tinge of the glaze. ...